Shooting Serie A, there is a playoff knot: the clubs are not there


If you start to shed light on the future of Italian football, with the Federal Council last Thursday which laid the foundation for the restart of Serie A, the B series and also the C series, there are still knots to untie. And above all some prospects that clubs don’t like them at all. Starting from the hypothesis that the maximum Italian championship can be decided by one unpublished formula on our fields: that of playoffs and playouts.

Not therefore the classic scheme of the “Italian group”, with all the teams facing each other twice in round-trip games, but dry challenges related to their goals: a group of teams in shield orbit and Europe, others simply chasing the best place, others stillcoveted salvation.

A solution linked topossible onset of new stops related to the health emergency that has already stopped the championship since March: “Previously to the restart of the competitive activity – reads the device – will be competence of the Federal Council determine the criteria for defining competitions “.

It will happen, as said “where, due to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, the same should be suspended again, according to the principles indicated below: identification of a new format (short playoff and playout phases in order to identify the outcome of the competitions including promotions and relegations) “.

The ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, however, explains that the majority of companies standard A does not want the format of the championship is modified in the race. Also for reasons legal: too high would be the risk of appeals by those who will inevitably be damaged by the results of the field. By virtue, then, of one formula not provided by the regulations.

There is also theeconomic aspect, certainly not secondary: the playoffs and playouts would involve one drastic reduction in the total number of matches, which would call into question the last payment installment of the TV rights.

In short, there may be several problems, but the Federal President Gabriele Gravina has for the moment ignored. Reiterating in an interview with ‘Repubblica’ that this will be the way.

“If the health conditions allow, the championships must be completed regularly, otherwise we will proceed to introduce playoffs and playouts“, has explained.

And now the hope of many is that there really is no need.

SPORTAL.IT | 23-05-2020 10:16

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