Shock men and women: is the Alchemist a frame?


One of the most discussed mysteries of men and women in recent months is surely what is the true identity of the man behind the name of “Alchemist”, some fear it is a frame, that’s why


The return of Men and women in the studio, with its “classic” form where tronisti, dame, knights and suitors can be seen face to face (or almost), she returned to the success: not only because the format is much more beautiful, but also thanks to some characters key as Sirius (Gemma’s suitor knight) and the Alchemist (suitor of Giovanna Abate)

Between assumptions, suspicions and small clues there are many hypotheses made by fans of the program that question the authenticity of the Alchemist: man recently he changed his mask, but there are those who believe that it may have also changed identity …

The Alchemist: two different men? Here are the clues

Maria’s audience seems love conspiracy theories and it’s been weeks since study episodes in search of something that will betray man. Till now the only one to have seen it it is precisely De Filippi. Giovanna herself did not never seen the boy’s full face that even in a “private” meeting with her, he showed himself with the top of the face covered.

If at the beginning i tattoos of man, which had sprouted despite the gloves, had made one think that Davide Basolo was hiding behind the Alchemist now some physical detail suggests that whoever hides behind the mask, be more than one person!

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The human hands during the outdoor on the terrace on May 8th I am free of tattoos but in the studio recording, despite the gloves, they can be seen of tattooed wrists! Even those on the neck seem disappear and reappear. Even the ears, the hairline and the beard they seem to be different! Some doubts also on the height.

Denials and Silences: Who is the Alchemist?


Among the names that came out was also that of Alessio Campoli, the choice of Angela Nasti with which the story is very short duration.

Alessio has immediately denied through Instagram, unlike Davide Basolo who, with the profile still private, she has not never talked about the situation! Strange, isn’t it?

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