shock in Primavalle, the more serious the woman


He shot his wife and young son and then aimed the gun at himself and fired. Attempted murder-suicide to Primavalle, western suburbs of Rome. A security guard fired. The facts happened this morning in a home in via Torrigio. Police on the spot. They were all taken to the hospital. The most serious would be the woman, who was also injured with a knife. From a first reconstruction, it seems that the couple was separated and this morning the woman with her son had gone to the ex’s house to get some things. The security guard would shoot his wife and son in the house and then go out into the street. “I saw a person on the ground in via Torrigio with a wound in his throat, he was bleeding and I thought he was dead but then I realized that he was breathing,” said one witness. Police are interrogating neighbors. Last updated: 11:17


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