Shock cover from Holland: “We work to pay for holidays in Southern Europe”


L’Holland continues to oppose what in Amsterdam is considered “welfare” favorable to the countries of Southern Europe: even the weekly Elsevier Weekblad he wanted to reiterate the line of the Netherlands, which together with Austria, Finland and Denmark have declared themselves against the European Union’s Recovery Fun.

The last cover of the magazine is explicit. More than the quotation marks, the chosen image can be highlighted: Dutch, or at least citizens of Northern Europe, who work, with the contrast of other European citizens who instead are immortalized in holiday situations. As if hedonism were a central feature of some peoples? Perhaps there is also a little preconception in the analysis presented by the media. The contents within the magazine better clarify the point of view. But for sure, as recipients of the Recovery FundDutch criticism also affects us Italians, who would therefore be holidaymakers “thanks” to the work of others.

The European Commission chaired by Ursula Von der Leyen two days ago announced the plan for the restart after the pandemic inflicted by Sars-Cov2. The hope, of course, is that there are no other waves. But you have to be careful. However, zero health risk does not exist. And then continental institutions are focusing on preventing the economy of some nations from collapsing. The Recovery Fund does this too. These are, in total, 750 billion, which will be distributed to the worst affected EU members, through loan or transfer mechanisms. Details are still being worked on, but the decision has been made. As is known, Italy should have 172 billion.

To Elsevier Weekblad, as reported by Europa Today, they think so: since the populations of Southern Europe would not be poor at all and indeed would have “enough money” or “access to money”, the Recovery Fund would be “perverse”. This is one of the central features of the arguments expressed by the Dutch weekly. The journalistic analysis continues by means of a balance of national debts: the point raised concerns the alleged lack of disproportion between the public-private debt of the Dutch and the debt situation of the Belpaese and France. In short, Holland would also experience its difficulties.

Among those who criticized the editorial choice of Elsevier Weekblad, there is Giorgia Meloni, who called the cover “repulsive”. “The Italians and the citizens of Mediterranean Europe are depicted as idle parasites who drink, stay on vacation and spend their time on social networks while the citizens of Northern Europe run the whole hut, work hard and never stop”, he noted on Facebook the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, who then continued: “We do not accept lessons from these gentlemen and from Holland, which has created a tax haven in Europe and drains resources to all other Member States. Brothers of Italy asks Minister Di Maio to summon the Dutch ambassador to Rome today and to demand an immediate apology. ” The center-right exponent therefore asked the Foreign Minister to take an official position on the matter.

Always Meloni then asked “the condemnation of all the Italian political forces, starting from those who blather with Europeanism and in Europe are allies of Prime Minister Rutte”.

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