she is a former beauty queen


Dismissed after 20 years of not immaculate career, arrested for murder and now also left by his wife, a former beauty queen from Minnesota. The whole world falls upon Derek Chauvin, 44, the white agent indicted for the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, the African American who immobilized him on the ground holding a knee on his neck for nine minutes. Now he faces up to 30 years in prison and can hardly pay the $ 500,000 bail.

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George Floyd’s face painted on the old Berlin wall

George Floyd, tennis player Coco Gauff’s complaint: “When will all this end?””My husband has rough ways, but under the uniform he is a tender”, she confided in an interview only two years ago wife Kellie, who married him in 2010. «Since then he still keeps the door open, he puts on my coat, he is a gentleman – he said – after a life like mine, I have very clear ideas about what I want in a relationship, and what I can’t accept, “he explained. Here, after the arrest of her husband and those shocking images that immortalize him in an act of brutality that shocked the country, he understood that he must change direction. “Kellie Chauvin is devastated by the death of George Floyd and wants to dissolve her marriage,” said her lawyer. The woman now asks above all for “security and maximum privacy for our whole family”, including the two children she had in marriage with her previous husband, of whom she had remained a widow.

George Floyd, tennis player Coco Gauff’s complaint: “When will all this end?”

In recent days, demonstrators who continue to mess up Minneapolis they had made a picket in front of their cottage in the suburb of Oakdale, throwing buckets of blood-red paint and leaving on the pavement inscriptions such as’ Here a murderer lives. Too much perhaps for her. Kelly, like the victim, also belongs to a minority, the Asian one. Born in Laos, she lived in a refugee camp for years because she belonged to the Hmong minority, who sided with the Americans in the Vietnam War. “We lived in total indigence: I still do not eat oat flakes today because it was the only food they gave us”, he recalled in the same interview after the election in 2018 to ‘Mrs Minnesota, beauty title for married and adult women . Emigrated to the US as a child, she studied to become a radiologist at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where she met Chauvin.

George Floyd, who died on May 25, 2020

George Floyd, protesters shout “I can’t breathe” in front of the burning police station

A man who thought with a good heart. But investigations revealed that during his police career he had already killed a suspect, participated in a shooting that was fatal for another and received at least 18 complaints, two of which had resulted in disciplinary sanctions. And from the evidence it came out instead that the good man, the ‘gentle giant’, was the victim George.

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