She does not wear a mask and spits on a bus driver, arrested – Valle d’Aosta


                          <h2 class="news-stit">Also beatings and insults to policemen who stopped her</h2>
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                      <p>For outrage and resistance to public officials and interruption of public service, the police arrested 25-year-old V.M., originally from Cuneo. "The woman - explained the Police Headquarters of Aosta - demanded to travel aboard a bus to the Lower Valley without a mask and other protective device and at the request of the driver to wear the mask before getting on the vehicle, annoyed , he reacted by insulting him and spitting in his face. " At the arrival of the steering wheel, she then tried to move away but was stopped and during the check "she actively resisted hitting a policeman on the face, insulting the agents and, claiming to be sick, threatening to infect them all". <br/>   </p></div>
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