Share ‘n go, the owner Majd Yousif arrested in the Netherlands: in June he would have had to buy Livorno football from Aldo Spinelli


He had been presented as a purchase in a big way. Moreover, by a foreign entrepreneur, Majd Yousif, who had decided to expand his electric car business – the Share ’n go – to football. And in particular to Livorno, which would change hands putting an end to the twenty – year management of Aldo Spinelli. But no: the Dutch police on Tuesday he performed a blitz at the Share ‘n go tra Ablasserdam is Sliederecht, near Rotterdam, which led to the arrest of four people who are under investigation for recycling of money. The Dutch police, in a statement, explained that in handcuffs a 50-year-old man and a 55-year-old “ended up as prime suspects recycling of money “, while a man of 32 and a woman of 28 like” for complicity in money laundering and in possession of weapons ”.

If the local police do not provide the names of the arrested explaining that investigations are still ongoing, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, citing several sources, he writes that the arrested are his own Yousif, his wife and the other two accomplices. The age provided by police matches with that of Lebanese manager resident in Papendrecht and his wife. The news shocked the city of Livorno and the football club: on June 3, Yousif himself was expected in Italy to sign the purchase contract after four months of negotiations with Spinelli.

Investigators: “Money Laundering” – The investigation started in early 2019 after a series of internal complaints on one company car rental agency Ablasserdam: According to investigators, the Share ‘n Go company owned a large number of electric cars that were not used and the commercial activity was reduced to a minimum. The investigators of theIntegral Packing Team ConfisQ (the Dutch body in charge), however, would not have been able to identify the origin of the financing of the company by detecting a series of suspicious transactions and relationships between different companies, with cars changing owners without payments tracked. A type of transfer, the policemen write in the release, which “is typical of activities hidden used for money laundering. ”

Tuesday morning’s blitz involved 70 agents who first went to Ablasserdam, home of the Share ‘n go, then to Papendrecht where the entrepreneur lives and then to the study dental of the wife a Sliedrecht, outside Rotterdam. Investigators seized luxury cars during the blitz – including one Bentley, one Tesla and one Mercedes AMG with which the manager showed up in Genoa from Spinelli – valuable watches including a Rolex, 26 rental cars and 268 ammunition. The business of Yousif between electric cars and lithium – Majd Yousif, 50 years old born in Lebanon, has lived in Holland since 2000: he is a plastic surgeon by training but he decided to abandon his soon career medical to devote himself to the business. And in particular to investments in the Lithium mines in Mongolia and in Belgium and Car Sharing. Share ‘n go is less known than other companies in the sector but it is also active in Italy where his electric cars continue to circulate a Milan, Rome e Florence, despite the temporary stops of the service due to the vandalism and accounts in red. In Holland instead the company is still considered a start-up in the testing phase.

The purchase of Livorno – It all started when last December Spinelli had communicated to the mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, to want to sell the company and it was the latter who first got to know Yousif. A purchase that would have satisfied everyone: the city that has been seeing it for years team trudge in the lower series, the tired Genoese patron who has long since put on market the company and Majd Yousif himself. Then the meeting of 5 February in Genoa when, in the presence of the three, a general agreement had been reached for the passage of the company: “Agreement concludedSalvetti had enthusiastically announced. By February the purchase should have been concluded with the completion of legal practices but the times were postponed and the signing would have to take place in start of June. Until Tuesday’s investigation that ended in an instant the negotiation: “I am thrilled – commented the mayor – Livorno deserves transparent and free people involvement judicial“. A confirmation that also comes from the patron Aldo Spinelli: “The negotiation after three months will be interrupted“.

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