“Shameful convocation of the Fontana in Procura”


Salvini: Shameful summons to Fontana in the public prosecutor's office

“The reopening decree must be given by the Lombardy Region today and concerns tens of thousands of companies and jobs: gyms, swimming pools, summer camps for children aged three to fifteen. As a Lombard citizen I would prefer that my Governor Fontana be in office to take care of children, families and not to repeat for the thirty-seventh time the same things in the Prosecutor’s Office in Bergamo. It is shameful that he is summoned, they can ask him calmly afterwards “. This was stated by the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, guest of Rainews 24. “It turns out – the leader of the League attacks – that the Prime Minister is summoned to some Prosecutor, given that national security and the red zone depended and obviously depends on the national government? No, rightly I say. work him, let others work. ”

“First we all start off safely – says Salvini about the restarts in Phase 2 – it is better, already from Monday or from June 3 if we want to pass the bridge of June 2. Here there is a risk of a second massacre, probably numerically even more serious, which is social and economic. Since the data are positive, I think that, in safety, the better we start first. “” Then – he added – if there are entire Regions without deaths, injured and infected by days and days, they can do even more advanced things. But I don’t think anyone can or should be left behind. “On the possibility of a so-called health passport “it is right that everyone defends the health and life of its population. But I think it is important to make it clear that Italy is a friendly country, open and hospitable for tourists first of all Italian and then from all over the world, starting from next days”. “So – he reiterated – if someone wants more caution it is his right to do it, but I think the important thing is to say that Italy has returned to a hospitable, safe, the most beautiful country in the world, where to spend a few days of serenity this summer “.

For what concern ‘Prosecutors’ chaos and wiretappingSalvini explains: “I am not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe that the Earth is flat, I don’t believe in chemtrails. I read that there are magistrates who in their chats, in their phone calls, in their conversations, laughing and joking, when I was minister they said “Salvini is shit, Salvini is right but he must be stopped, Salvini respects the law but must be attacked”, with mutual satisfaction. Magistrates of the highest level. I wonder if it is normal, because what they said towards me and other MPs League is not normal, as it would not be normal if it were said against Conte, Renzi, Di Maio and Zingaretti “. “I wonder -he added- what he expects to intervene, to reset a superior Council of the judiciary that evidently was not born under a good star. When one enters the courtroom, not for politics but for a divorce, for a cause of work, for a company bankruptcy, for damages, for a road accident, he reads ‘the law is the same for everyone’. When you realize that someone has more political sympathy than the law, it doesn’t work, even because 99 percent of the judiciary is made up of healthy, free people, without ideological prejudices “.

And again: “I have such and a lot of esteem towards the President of the Republic that I will not allow myself to ask or suggest anything. It seems to me that it is under his eyes, under the eyes of sixty million Italians that the independence of the judiciary is an account, which is sacred and inviolable, it is an account to administer the exercise of justice for political or party reasons. So I am not asking anyone to intervene, since everyone is developing a conviction on what to do, how to do it, because it affects the image of the entire Italian justice sector “.

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