Sex dolls, team record fine Korea – Last Hour


(ANSA) – SEUL, MAY 21 – It cost a record fine from
over 80 thousand dollars (100 million won) the singular
FC Seoul initiative in South Korea to position on
stands of inflatable dolls instead of spectators
absent for anti coronavirus measures.

The game was to be played behind closed doors and on chairs
dolls had been placed wearing shirts or
logos referring to a seller of sex toys. A hard move
criticized by the K-League, which accused the club of having so
“deeply humiliated his fans”. The news of the accident
he had traveled around the world.
   After examining the case, the K-League accepted the
justification that the football club did not know that
the mannequins were sex toys, stating however that
“could easily have recognized their function by using
common sense and experience. “” The controversy about this episode –
concluded the Korean League – “has deeply humiliated and
injured the fans and damaged the integrity of the league. “


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