Serological tests, here are the sixteen Municipalities of the Altomilanese chosen by the Ministry


Coronavirus, a woman undergoes serological test (Ansa)
Coronavirus, a woman undergoes serological test (Ansa)
Legnano (Milan), 29 May 2020 – La cities of the Carroccio and other sixteen municipalities of the area have been selected by Istat and the Ministry of Health, together with 2,000 other Municipalities, for an investigation based on seroprevalence test aimed at understanding the real number of people, even asymptomatic, who have developed antibodies against coronavirus.

The tests will be carried out on 150,000 people throughout Italy and from them information will be obtained to estimate the extent of the infection, also relating it to other factors such as age, gender, region, economic activity. In the coming days, some citizens residing in these municipalities will be contacted by the Red Cross (from a number starting with 065510) for the request to undergo the test.

Municipalities involved i are Abbiategrasso, Arconate, Boffalora sopra Ticino, Bareggio, Buscate, Busto Garolfo, Canegrate, Cerro Maggiore, Corbetta, Cuggiono, Legnano, Magenta, Nerviano, Parabiago, Rescaldina, Villa Cortese and Vittuone.

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