Serological test, many Sardinian volunteers who call the Red Cross: “You can’t”


Want to remove some doubts and acquire certainties about your situation. To understand if they have been in any way in contact with the new coronavirus.

The only way to do this is to undergo the serological test: for this reason, when the rumor spread that the Red Cross was contacting 7,985 Sardinian citizens in 89 municipalities for the national epidemiological investigation, many volunteered.

“The phone started ringing more frequently, and someone set out to answer questions in order to be tested, for themselves or for some relative,” says Sergio Piredda, regional president of CRI.

“Clearly – he adds – I had to kindly explain that the Istat list is the same and cannot be changed”.

For the rest there was no lack of problems in the first morning of work in Cagliari, with about a hundred contacts. Many of the 21 operators, guests of the university’s computer room, did not answer the phone. A problem could be the prefix used for calls, 06: it is the one from which commercial proposals of all types often start and many look at the display and decide to ignore the call.

Another problem, those who answer the phone would like to undergo the questionnaire instead of the contacted person, but not even father and mother can speak on behalf of the younger son, this is because “the lists are also calibrated by age group”, explains Piredda.

However, many calls were successful.

(Unioneonline / L)

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