Serious injury for Baselli, partial injury to the crusader – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The Turin midfielder was injured in yesterday’s match, from the first investigations the medial ligament or more probably the anterior crusader could be involved

A bad tile has fallen on Daniele Baselli. In yesterday’s home match he suffered a knee sprain with ligament involvement. Tomorrow, upon completion of the instrumental examinations, it will be possible to draw up diagnosis and prognosis. From hot manual tests, the medial ligament or more likely the anterior cruciate may be involved.

The recovery

It was not possible to understand more since the limb swelled immediately, but even in the event of a partial injury and therefore in the absence of surgery, there is still the fear of a long stop. And in this case the season of the unfortunate midfielder would be considered ended. With serious repercussions on the team, which has four medians in the squad and must play thirteen games in forty days.

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