“Destiny, as we know, does not lack a sense of irony” read one of the protagonists of Matrix, a masterpiece of science fiction cinema of the late 20th century.

A quote that, in my view, fits perfectly with yesterday’s day. A day that officially sanctioned the restart of Serie A, Serie B and also of the Italian Cup. But not of the Lega Pro. For the third series of Italian football it will be necessary to wait again, until next week’s Federal Council. And the irony is right here because the Serie C is the championship that needs the most immediate directives to be able to organize itself, but at the same time lives in such a particular situation that it is impossible to make a decision on your feet.

An obvious counterpoint that has however given certainty: in one way or another we will return to play. The idea of ​​closing the championship entirely has definitely gone away. For peace of mind of those who, like myself, believed it was the best solution, trusting above all in the evident difficulty of putting into practice health protocols which in the higher series are yes, demanding, but certainly not prohibitive.

Now it remains only to understand with what formula the Serie C will see the ball roll again. And it is no small doubt since the rumors leaked after the Board of Directors regarding the proposal to be presented to the FIGC by Gabriele Gravina were not only not shared in the decision-making, but not even a good part of the league likes them. In summary, it will be up to the Federal Council to decide. And to the Lega Pro run to not waste any more time in discussions.

The same Federal Council will also have to make a decision on the reform of the championships, in particular for B and C. At the center of attention there is the theme of B with 40 teams. A proposal that does not convince me. And not just for the third series.

With forty teams in B, in fact, the chances for cadet teams to go up to Serie A would significantly decrease as well as the greater mutuality coming from the top series (in fact the one currently in the hands of the Lega Pro would be merged) would be a false help given that to beat such fierce competition would need to increase investment.

In addition, it is legitimate to ask: who is it that really wants this type of reform? Certainly not the clubs already in B, by virtue of what has been said previously, while the discourse changes for those companies of blazon today in C that could point to the category jump thanks to their tradition and certainly not to the performance on the field. Or, even more likely, some companies today well positioned in the rankings after complicated years that would risk not enrolling next year without that kind of leap. Yes, the “rotten” companies are there and point to the playoffs behind bombastic proclamations as if nothing had happened.

All this without forgetting the creation of the new third series, under the aegis of the Serie D, with less contractual protections and controls for the players, as well as an amateur status that should then be digested by all those clubs that once won the real championship of D would still find themselves far from the Pro circus.

A series of good reasons to focus your attention elsewhere. Maybe following the original way of Gravina when he was still the president of the Lega Pro: a C elite. Without big frills. Simple, clean, effective.



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