SERIE C, the positions of the clubs after the Federal Council: all the reactions


The reactions of the presidents of the Serie C clubs after the outcome of the Federal Council arrive in dribs and drabs:


I am deeply disappointed with the decision of the Federal Council: I thought a resumption of the tournament risky, even in a reduced form with only the playoffs and the rest of the idea that it is still today. All the more so after even the health managers of the Lega Pro clubs had expressed an opinion against returning to the field for obvious problems of health needs.

Not only that: in the last assembly, 53 presidents out of 59 teams with voting rights had expressed themselves negatively also for the high costs highlighted to support the severe health protocols established by the CTS, albeit with some changes in the last few days. However, we await the final decision of 28 May entrusted to Minister Spadafora“.

LOGIUDICE (Ds Catanzaro) to tuttoc:

From this situation it is clear that everything that the C Series had proposed was not taken into consideration. It all encompasses here. It’s as if he’s been joking so far. ‚ÄĚNothing has been taken into consideration by what was proposed by the Lega Pro. A five-hour meeting today practically wiped out what happened in a month and a half. Comment on Ghirelli’s words? We can’t do anything, the doctors are right: we are even more confused“.


Having taken note of today’s decisions of the Federal Council, Reggio Audace expresses the utmost satisfaction for the decision to entrust the championship’s verdicts to the field and to the football played, in line with what has always been supported by the club with fairness and loyalty.

BONACINI (pres. CARPI) to tuttoc:

Nothing taken into account by what 60 presidents decided. At this point they tell us: it is useless to hold assemblies, wait for our decisions. Needless to cast votes. They declare from the Football Federation that Serie C counts for nothing, that it has to wait for decisions from above. So one adapts. We created all this theater, which is then canceled. I don’t even judge the final result. I’m not going to syndicate on this, but if we don’t count for anything, it’s fair that we don’t say anything. Entrepreneurs who argue for 20 days are wasted time and with a coup, it’s worth nothing“.


Following today’s Federal Council, the President of the US Avellino, Angelo Antonio D’Agostino, declares the following: “we take note of the positions that emerged today in FIGC and, as stated several times over the past few months, we are ready to face any eventuality , following what will be the federal directives. Now we just have to wait for the operational details from the Federation. We will be ready in any case: our organizational machine has never stopped, we will put in place everything that is required of us. I also thank President Ghirelli who is doing his utmost to protect the interests of our category and to represent the difficulties and specificities of the Lega Pro “.

BAUMGARTNER (pres. South Tyrol):

It was not the desire of the Lega Pro to start again. It is no coincidence that we had voted in the general assembly not to return to the field. Today something different came out, with the logic that the whole professional sector must give a common line, I do not consider the definitive choice. If there are no conditions, there will be no play, it is all to be seen. How will the health protocol be, if it allows the Lega Pro to play. Then there would be no time to close the championship and make the playoffs. There will be a decision, let’s see in early June“.

IACHINI (pres.Teramo):

“We read the press release prepared by the FIGC and we were all surprised at the content. Let’s wait to read the resolution in all its details, to then understand how we should actually proceed.”

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