Serie C 2019-20 and coronavirus: promotions, playoffs, playouts and relegations. In Serie D championship suspended, but it is chaos – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The next Federal Council will have to define the framework of Lega Pro and Lnd, in the first case for the end of the season and in the second for the suspension. But there are clubs that don’t fit

Promotions in B

The Lega Pro intends to reiterate the impossibility of complying with Plan A and attempting only with Plan B, that is, with playoffs and playouts, obviously in compliance with the protocol. As for promotions, the proposal is to send the top three in the standings to B: Monza, Vicenza and Reggina. The fourth promotion will be written as usual in the playoffs. The board does not say so officially, but implies that some clubs may not be able to participate: the FIGC will decide whether to allow this renunciation without consequences. Figc itself will then have to clarify the formula, which is made up of 28 teams: those placed from second to tenth place in each group, plus the winner of the Italian Cup. Speaking of which, the intention is to make the final play between Juventus U23 (tenth in group A) and Ternana (fifth in C): the winner today is already in the playoffs (but he would make them in a privileged position, as if he were arrived third, making the ranking climb) and will allow the eleventh to enter (Pistoiese or Vibonese will thus be the 28th). Here are the other 27 hypothetical participants: Carrarese, Renate, Pontedera, Siena (in case of penalty he loses 3 positions), Alessandria, AlbinoLeffe, Novara, Arezzo and Juventus U23 in group A; Reggiana, Carpi, Sudtirol, Feralpisalò, Padua, Piacenza, Modena, Triestina and Fermana in the B; Bari, Monopoli, Potenza, Ternana, Catania (the penalty here will not affect), Catanzaro, Teramo, Francavilla and Avellino in C. It must be said that many teams have one game less, so the FIGC must clarify if the ranking is frozen or if averages points (for example Samb would surpass Fermana in group B). The same Figc could also launch a more slim formula, with fewer teams and a direct elimination until the final and some skipped rounds for the second and third. The scenario is open.

Relegations to D

Here too, the proposal of the Lega Pro is to make the last three go back and play the playouts. The last ones are Gozzano in group A, Rimini (it is on par in all with Fano, but has only won 4 games against 5 of rivals) in B and Rieti in C. Bisceglie and Rende also directly back in group C , because as per regulation they are 9 points from the fourth last one, so no playout. Here are the salvation challenges (round trip): Pianese-Pergolettese and Olbia-Giana in group A, Fano-Ravenna and Arzignano-Imolese in group B. Here obviously, if a club renounces, it is relegated. Two clubs like Gozzano and Rimini have already shown their understandable dissent. But there is always an open door: in case of vacancy of places, there is always the possibility of readmission.

The amateurs

The Lnd instead decided only for the Serie D, taking time for the Regional Committees (will the same criterion be respected, or will promotions and relegations be written with medium points?). The proposal for the FIGC is to promote the first 9 classified: Lucchese, Pro Sesto, Campodarsego, Mantua, Grosseto, Matelica, Turris, Bitonto and Palermo. With understandable second-rate recriminations such as Prato and Foggia dueling for overtaking. Same criterion in the queue, with the 4 group relegations written rankings in hand, not counting the matches to be recovered; among these 36, the protest was massive, with a group of 30 (at the moment) who wrote to the Government, Coni and Figc to express his dissent, even if the same door mentioned for the Lega Pro is also valid here. But you know: any verdict not written by the camp will lend its side to the protests.

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