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The League will announce the detailed program with which it will start on 20 and 21 June …

Here we are. Three months after the outbreak of the health emergency, today the League will officialize the new Serie A calendar. In total, 6 midweek and 6 week-end rounds will be played. In the middle of the week, 2 games will be played on Tuesday (one at 19.15 and one at 21.30), six games on Wednesday (two games at 19.15 and 4 at 21.30) and two on Thursday (one at 19 , 15 and one at 21.30). The weekend instead will alternate a game on Friday with a Monday, strictly in the evening. On Saturday the usual three matches (one at 17.15, one at 19.15 and one at 21.30) on Sunday six matches (one at 17.15, four at 19.15 and one at 21.30).


The League program, however, provides for a reduced number of games to be played at 5.15 pm. There should be just 10 matches out of 124, always on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and never in the South (therefore in Naples and Lecce), to ensure that each club plays a maximum of two out of twelve matches in the afternoon. Over half of the races will therefore be scheduled at 21.30 and fifty at 19.15.

Italian Cup

As for the Italian Cup, with the final already rescheduled for Wednesday 17 June in Rome, the Lega hopes to have the government’s response to the request to advance the Juventus-Milan and Napoli-Inter semi-finals by 24 hours at the moment for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14.

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