Serie A starts again, impossible predictions: Lazio need time, Juventus has market problems


An unknown, unjustifiable and fragile football is about to begin. It has been decided that we start again, nobody can objectively know if we can finish. Two to three infections would be enough to upset everything again. Among the Football Association solutions there is a hypothesis C which provides, in the face of a return of the virus, the crystallization of the ranking. This would stop us and the scudetto would win who in the lead at that moment. one more fragility, an oddity that will always keep everything suspended from one game to another. all so vague, perhaps beautiful, but so light, anonymous, that perhaps it was done on purpose. It was necessary to start again, less necessary to finish. Returning to the field saves all good will in the bud and stops almost all appeals already ready.

That it is a great day, however, the French point out. L’quipe on Friday he headlined French football, who soon chose to stop while he now sees Europe running again. I would add that the complex, painful agreement between the twenty companies is one of the strongest political successes in recent years. The League by definition ungovernable because full of bosses with different problems. He fought for months, but in the end he brought everyone on the same side, the entrepreneurial soul of football and the political-organizational soul unexpectedly came together. Very rare thing.

Coming to the field, I confirm the impossibility of making predictions. There are too many news. The three months of rest in the middle of the season. The 124 Serie A games in forty days, like two World Cup in one time. The lack of naturalness of a game with fewer physical contacts but which at every corner will cause an illegal gathering in the area. The teams will double, one will only take a few days. But not all have two teams. We will have unknown tactical solutions. The five substitutions will be used mainly in the second half. In the first the team that prepared the game always plays. In the second we will often have the entrance of eight to ten new players, 50% of those on the field. It will be a total invention, a new game played in spurts, according to episodes. The first races will be fast, everyone is training almost only on the ball, that is agility. From the third week, wear will come. This will give a decisive advantage to more technical players. But the real advantage will be for those who can concentrate on their own, in the silence of the stadium. Go back boy, amateur. Perhaps a more Italian characteristic, which can weigh up to a 20% difference.

If I have to remember autumn-winter football, Lazio seemed the best team to me. Inter have a heavy detachment and two opponents ahead. There Juve been relieved of the Champions League, but has market problems (Pjanic, Higuain, Bernardeschi, De Sciglio), ie already discarded players, and by training. Lazio to a very physical team, maybe it will take longer to get together. Last summer, at the beginning of the season, in the first six days he made 6 points less than Inter and 5 points less than Juve. Then start the race. The Atalanta Champions League is not yet certain, Gasperini has always needed time. It seems to me a situation suitable for a team like Milan, young and of good quality. Not to replace Atalanta, but to carry on his speech of lightness. Napoli will also move forward, now in a safe area. Behind it will be a melodrama every day. There are no correct teams, the strength of all the common weakness of the opponent. Fiorentina and Genoa seem stronger, but like looking in the mirror in the shadows. Perhaps this long mystery is the true charm of everything.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 11:57 pm)


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