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The green light is expected for June 13 or 20 unless postponements. The League proposes 9:45 pm and brings Sky to court

Thirty six days later. Football and government had met on April 22 still in the midst of the coronavirus storm. Everything was on the high seas. The waters are still rough, for heaven’s sake, but today the restart of Serie A can have a date. Conditioned, but still a date. The increase in cases recorded in Lombardy should not stop the countdown. And at 18.30, the moment when Vincenzo Spadafora will open the conference call with all the members of the world of football, the indications of the Technical-Scientific Committee should have already arrived at the Ministry of Sport. That yesterday has not yet opened the file, but will do so at this morning’s meeting. The health protocol for the restart of the matches fully resumes what has been established for the training sessions: it is difficult at this point to think of a opposition from scientists.

“We are not robots”

Yesterday was a day of contacts and preparatory meetings. The problem of contract extension was discussed in FIGC. There cannot be an overall rule, the “umbrella” of the Fifa indication will allow individual negotiations which will in any case have constraints. The principle is clear, also for the loans: the players will have to remain in their current teams until the end of the season (i.e. until August 31st) without returning to the base. There is also talk of mediation on the front of the mechanisms to avoid excessive deferment of salary payments. Yesterday Damiano Tommasi, the president of Assocalciatori, told “Il Mattino” that “footballers are not robots, there are concerns. A critical issue is the match at 4.30 pm which in June and July in Italy is unthinkable ».

Times and Poems

A critical issue that the League itself has tried to remedy by proposing different game start times. If you can’t play before 17 for the players, then here is the proposal for the first slot at 17.15. The other two bands also move forward: start scheduled for 19.30 and even for 21.45. Solutions on which the players’ union will reopen the discussion. Tommasi also allowed himself a poetic escape via twitter and the Hungarians “You are like leaves in autumn on trees” has become “You are like in May. In Italy, the Serie A ». Trying a translation: everything is still uncertain.

With what to start

But how and when will we start again? Some clubs, especially those directly involved, push to restart with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day, others for the complete round of the twenty-seventh. A third solution, equally likely, is to start again with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup: Napoli-Inter and Juve-Milan, games that would involve a large part of spectators since these are clear events, a circumstance that would not mind Minister Spadafora . For the restart dates it is runoff between 13 and 20 June.

“Let’s avoid the collapse”

Gabriele Gravina, number one FIGC also spoke of the restart: “Only the immediate return to the field will allow Italian football to cushion the collapse of revenues in the short term estimated otherwise in over 700 million, more than 500 generated by the blockade imposed by Covid- 19 – said in an intervention on the web platform of the “Riparte l’Italia” observatory – 100 thousand workers, one and a half million members and 4.7 billion in turnover must be defended. The task of the FIGC is to do everything, always respecting the health of each protagonist, to restart the system, also to prevent the economic crisis from compromising, this time so irreparably, the Italians’ passion for this splendid game ».

Tv clash

The economic implications of the health situation call into question the clash with Sky, for which an injunctive decree is intended: compared to the other broadcasters, it immediately assumed a more aggressive attitude. If Dazn and Img have envisaged deferred payments over time (League and company will evaluate), the fiercest current prevailed in Sky: after years of collaboration with the Serie A, in a few months a fierce clash was reached. The TV has always claimed a discount on the payment of the sixth installment as the basis for then moving on to the balance, a discount proposal that was immediately deemed inadmissible for the clubs. So the injunction was filed in court yesterday evening. Not only that: the League has waived the guarantee issued by Comcast, that is, the guarantee that the group leader had provided.

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