Serie A, playoff hypothesis Here is the answer of the clubs –


The Serie A tries to start again to end the season and among the hypotheses there would also be that of the playoffs and playouts: here is the response of the clubs

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The positive trend continues in Italy, which has led to cases of Coronavirus to go down daily for more than two weeks. So even Italian football tries to return to the pitch in June. The answer from the companies of A league the hypothesis playoff and playout to close the season.

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Serie A, playoff hypothesis and rejected playout: Italian companies are opposed

Time is running out and there A league aims to end the season, hoping to start again from mid-June. Among the many hypotheses to complete the championship, there is also that of setting up playoffs and playouts to establish the European placings, the league title and relegations. As reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, most companies in the top Italian championship would have opposed this hypothesis. The reasons for the refusal would be many.

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There would be the economic one, for which the companies have invested in the winter market to complete the season and that would lead to the loss of the earnings brought by the television rights, since the various Sky is DAZN they would have asked for a discount if the reduced formula was chosen to end the season. The other reason, however, would be the legal one, since changing the methods could lead to various appeals by companies disadvantaged by the exchange rate. A hypothesis therefore less and less probable, which reduces the supporters of this formula to a minimum.

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