“Serie A, or we start again or goodbye champions. Inter in first class, Milan from second to third”


A few hours after the meeting between the members of the world of football and the Minister of Sport Vincenzo SpadaforaMatteo Marani expresses his point of view on the need to review the Italian championship on the pitch for Sky Sport: “Serie A cannot fail to restart, especially if Premier and Liga leave at the same time. It would mean losing competitiveness internationally, seeing our champions leave. We struggled a lot to try to get closer to the high levels, this would mean taking ten steps back. Ever since the Bundesliga started, I thought that there should be a restart of Serie A, as all countries are correctly thinking of starting again. It surprises me that not everyone has reasoned as a system: when you are part of a system, if part of the scaffolding does not stand the whole system collapses. I hope that there are no further tensions as of tonight. Being enemies of football is something stupid now, we all know that football is what holds the whole system together. ”

Commenting on the report KPMG on the business value of European football teams, Marani also added: “In Italy we have two top clubs like Juventus and Inter, then there is a rich bourgeoisie of Italian football which, however, has been overwhelmed by the whole world. I see Tottenham taking over, say, Roma. I think that the difference also affects the stadium theme, it becomes difficult to compete with those who have 80-85 thousand seats. The difference between Inter and Milan is also very significant: the nerazzurri got on the first class train, the rossoneri almost climbed from second to third class. Inter have done an excellent job with their managers for the growth of revenues, unfortunately Milan are missing. Naples and Rome in terms of structure can hardly aspire to the top of Europe, but Milan was in the past “.


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