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The conference call between Minister Spadafora, Football Association, Leagues, Footballers, Coaches and Referees began at 18.30. To solve the TV node and the meeting times

The conference call that should give the definitive push, with as much date as possible, to the resumption of the championship has started at 18.30. The sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, meets Figc, Leagues, Footballers, Trainers and Referees. Compared to yesterday, the climate is much more favorable also for the news from Bologna on the negative test for one of the staff of the Emilian company previously found positive for the swab examination.

Ok from the cts

The Technical-Scientific Committee also met in the morning and approved the new health protocol on the resumption of competitive activity, essentially identical to that on collective training. No particular problems would have arisen also because the famous rule on the “automatic” quarantine of the team in case of positivity remained unchanged. The CTS expressed its “appreciation for the punctuality of detail in the analysis of many aspects”, reiterating, however, that “the rules currently in force provide clear provisions” about “the quarantine of a positive subject” and the consequent precaution of everything the rest of the team team.

The TV node and times

Spadafora, on the other hand, expects a proposal or in any case an availability of the Serie A League as regards a possible free-to-air television offer to accompany the restart. While the players insist on the cancellation of the first hour, the afternoon one (which is now 5.15 pm), as regards the calendar, at risk of the sun. We will not only talk about Serie A, but also about the possibility of restarting Serie B, C and Serie A for women.

Gravina and the presidents who don’t want to play

Waiting for the appointment with the minister, President Gravina spoke at the event ‘Sport today: from emergency to restart’ organized by the University of Bologna and the magazine Sport Law: “For me it was a very sad parenthesis , and I will mention it, to note that in the world of football some do everything they can to avoid playing, convinced that this way they would not pay some monthly fees to their members. It is a perverse game that of a club that does not want to play to limit the damage. has convinced me to continue this battle. I know how many Italians think that we shouldn’t play: I understand that it will be sad to see the games behind closed doors, but if the economy of our country starts again, it cannot fail to start one of its most important industries ” .

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