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There is great anticipation for the calendar: the matches at 5.15 pm should be few (and none in Naples and Lecce) while more than half starting at 9.30 pm. Fifty at 7.15 pm

There will be 10 out of 124 Serie A games that will be played at 5.15 pm, all in the weekend shifts (the last of June and four in July), and none of these will be in Naples and Lecce.

the slots

Waiting for the calendar for the resumption of the championship to be official, according to the agency Ansa, over half of the matches will be scheduled at 9.30 pm and fifty at 7.15 pm. In addition, no team will play more than two games in the daytime. Juventus-Lazio, the 34th round big league match, will most likely be chosen as the postponement of Monday 20 July.

the reaction

Immediately after this indiscretion, Marco Tardelli wrote on Twitter: “Twelve out of 124 matches at 5.15 pm: do we really want to discuss this? Dear Assocalciatori, we don’t make ourselves laugh behind it”. An indirect reply to Damiano Tommasi, president of the AIC, who spoke out once again against the games in the afternoon: “The issue concerns the protection of health and that of the times I hope it does not become a problem. I hope you make a choice logical, given that it will be necessary to play many games in a short period of time with the roses that will risk being in difficulty. I hope we will go towards late evening rather than late afternoon “. The managing director. del Sassuolo, Giovanni Carnevali, instead decided: “Are you leaving at 5.15 pm? In such a situation, no one has to wait to see if the time is okay, if it is too hot or too cold. Here you have to play, you have to carry on the company football, which is not an end game in itself, as fun, but an industry that must reopen, work, sacrifice itself “.

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