Serie A, now people at the stadium already in the summer: here’s the plan


Once the first challenge has been won – start playing again – now we are getting ready for the second: bringing people back to the stage. Not a simple road, but a path that can be taken to give football back its meaning. The will of all the parties involved – clubs, FIGC, Serie A League, Government – goes in the same direction. The curve of the will dictate the times infection, but there is already a first organizational plan. Cinemas and theaters, beaches, summer centers for children and theme parks and festivals (the Giffoni) reopen, spas and alpine refuges, gyms and swimming pools reopen, ok for festivals and fairs, even go to discos. Reopen theItalybut only two community places remain closed: stadiums and schools. Here we deal with the stadiums.

The idea of ​​Lecce

The hypothesis being worked on is that of a gradual reopening and with limited capacity, such as to guarantee the social distancing and necessary to provide health prevention. The companies of A league they are thinking about it. One of the most attentive presidents to the issue is Saverio Sticchi Damiani, number one for Lecce. An idea already has it. «We are thinking about it, of course, because after the recovery it is right to take another step forward. I think – if it were possible – it would be nice to create a shift between our 20,000 subscribers, obviously blocking the sale of tickets. In Lecce we have a 30,000-seat stadium and I think it would be a good thing to offer our fans a little show, taking turns – with criteria that will be decided – obviously following all the precautions and ensuring maximum safety “.

Limited capacity and guarantees

The last Dpcm – referring to the shows – indicates in 300 (indoors) and 1000 (outdoors) the maximum number of attendees. In Poland yesterday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that from June 19 the stadiums will reopen to 25% of their capacity; in Serbia they reopen with the rules of social distancing.

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