Serie A, here is the protocol for the championship: staggered arrivals, limited entries and … no close protests News


The protocol for the resumption of the Serie A championship he arrived at the Technical Scientific Committee, which will be responsible for giving an opinion before the final decision on the restart, which will be taken on May 28 at the meeting between the Government, the League and Figc. The 40-page document contains a very detailed set of guidelines to ensure the safe running of matches and limit the risk of contagion. These include staggered arrivals at the stadium, a limit of 300 people who will have access to each event and of course the maintenance of physical distance where possible. Therefore, no close protests with the referees. In case of positivity of a player, will apply rules already provided by the protocol for collective training: therefore two weeks of retreat for the whole team.

Among the many standards envisaged, one subdivision of the sports facility into three areas: stadium interior, grandstands, stadium exterior. Each of them cannot have more than 130 people present at the same time, for a maximum total of 300 people.

The you get to the stadium they must be staggered: first the referees (1: 45h before the start of the game), then the visiting team (1: 40h before), finally the home team (1: 30h before).

All ‘entry into the field there will be no children to accompany the players, there will be no mascots, there will be no team photos or handshake ceremonies.

In bench it will be necessary to keep an empty seat between one player and another and in case of need, the stands can be used to accommodate the reserves.

Referees and players will always have to move at different times, on entering the field, at the interval, at the end of the game. In any case, the safety distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between the two. So no close protests and small groups around the match officials then.

Among the various indications, there are also rather strict guidelines regarding the interviews, the press conferences (which can only be streamed and with questions asked remotely or via social media), theVar activity and all the insiders, from photographers, to cameramen, warehouse workers, to security workers.

In case of positivity of a player at Covid-19, the rule remains valid for team training of the two weeks of retreat for everyone, even if, it is specified in the new protocol, based on epidemiological data and new scientific acquisitions, the procedures may change with respect to what is currently in force.

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