Serie A, controversy erupts over the second half: Inter and Milan fury


The decision of the Serie A league to start again on June 13 from Italian Cup is causing the furious reaction of Inter and Milan, clearly contrary to the idea. After the doubts expressed by the president of the AC Milan club Paolo Scaroni, from Appiano Gentile filters the irritation from the Nerazzurri manager, who defines “Baffling” as decided.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter are meditating on one sensational and provocative move: take the field in Naples, for the Italian Cup return semifinal, with the Spring training.

The meneghini are angry because they risk having to play three games in the first week recovery of football, after months of lockdown, with the consequent risk of increased injuries: on 14 June they would be on the pitch in San Paolo for the Italian Cup, on 17 June the eventual final in Rome and on 20 June the resumption of the Serie A championship A. Furthermore, if the championship resumed with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day, Inter would be “the only team called to a similar tour de force“, Writes the rosea.

On Thursday the president of Milan Scaroni expressed himself this way: “We understand the value of being able to offer all fans quality games after months of lockdown. But in terms of sport we find questionable assign an important title in such a short time after three months of lockdown. We understand the desire to offer quality games, but … “.

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