Serie A, clubs revolt against playoffs and playouts! The players threaten the strike


According to reports from today’s edition of Repubblica, Serie A players would be against the play off and play out hypothesis.

While Vincenzo Spadafora flaunts optimism on the resumption of the championship, among the clubs of A league the revolt broke out against the hypothesis of deciding the league title, cup places and relegations with playoffs and playouts. Yesterday the Minister of Sports coined a slogan: “If the country starts again, football starts again “. And he explained: “On Monday 25 I will receive the protocol for the recovery, on the 28 the CTS will pronounce. The prudent line followed so far allows us optimism”.

But just as the protocol for the recovery has reached a definitive form, the players threaten the strike if the FIGC does not punish the clubs that have not paid their wages in March and April. And a new front opens: with the exception of Brescia and Spal, who hope for an unexpected salvation, the other 18 Serie A clubs are not willing to finish the season with playoffs and playouts. The FIGC has provided for these formulas only in the event that it will not be possible to play all the games. But companies don’t want to know. Next week they will meet to discuss it in an ad hoc assembly. To report it is the Republic.

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