Serie A: classification ‘crystallized’, an algorithm for the title – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The last hypothesis studied by the FIGC to establish in extreme cases the playoff grid or the final ranking

Italian football, in the unfortunate event of having to resort to plan C for the suspension of the championship race, would serve Alan Turing with one of his cars. The English mathematician who decrypted the Nazi cipher codes was also the father of the modern definition of algorithm. Even if the ball did not drive him crazy, he was instead an excellent marathon runner (he touched the qualification for the 1948 Olympics), he would still have been a valuable consultant to help the Figc Council to write the “crystallized” classification. Quoted by Gabriele Gravina to Sky Sport: “In the event of a definitive stop – said the federal president – there will be a crystallization of the ranking, it will be necessary to use an algorithm that takes into account various factors related to objective elements”.

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