Serie A, as will be the matches with the new protocol


The Scientific Technical Committee has approved the FIGC protocol for Serie A matches from 20 June. The quarantine rule remains for the entire team group in the event of a positivity, but with the possibility of updating the norm based on the progress of the infections


The certainty is that it will be played without audience: they will in fact be at their maximum 300 people present in the stands, team groups included from 60 people maximum included. This provides the protocol, to try to limit the risks as much as possible.

Arrival and changing rooms

Forget, at least for a while, the classic game rites. The arrival of the teams with the greeting of the fans in the garage, the reconnaissance of the pitch and 4 chatter with the former teammate earlier. None of this: separate arrivals, separate entrances in the field, even you fall separately in the changing rooms.

And forget about the images of the nice shirts ordered on the places of each of the players: once you sanitize him locker room no one who is not part of the team group may enter. Health must be guaranteed: and so instead of the lists we will exchange the health documents and the sanitization certification of the premises. The changing rooms will be divided not only between teams but also between owners and reserves.

On the pitch and on the bench

In bench you will be separated, just like in Germany, trying to comply with sanitary regulations. Maybe – if possible – going to the stands. In field you do not enter together: no children, no mascots, no team photos. In short, all the ritual of the beginning of the game that accompanied us to the kick-off. The teams will be directly deployed on the pitch and then it will start. We must remember not to surround the referee and to “protest from a distance“. You will have to remember where you put your bottle of water because it will not be possible to mix them. The medical staff will have mask is gloves.

New positivity

What will not change – at least for the moment – is the protocol for managing a possible new positive. It may vary, perhaps in the future, but at the moment we would return to the armored retreat with the “team member” quarantine for at least two weeks. And of course, all the health tests required by the current protocol will continue. What changes is instead that there will be a game. It will be different, especially at the beginning, but to get everything back to the same as before it will take a moment. The first goal will suffice.

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