Serie A and Coppa Italia: a knot remains in the restart calendars


The Italian football he is ready to leave once and for all, but there are still some knots still to be untied. The first, in chronological order, concerns the Italian Cup and the schedule of matches still to be played. A topic that is sparking several controversies by companies, despite being the dates have already been indicated in which the remaining matches are to be played. Dates that sparked protests from the leaders of the clubs involved.

The first to lift the shields had been the Milan, which through the president Paolo Scaroni had highlighted how in his opinion it was “questionable that an important trophy like the Italian Cup is awarded with two games in three days, with the teams returning from three months of forced stop “.

For this reason, the hypothesis of anticipate Juventus-Milan to June 12th and to dispute the June 13 Napoli-Inter. A solution that would allow teams to increase their rest ahead of the final of 17. At the moment only hypothetical solution, however.

The Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers currently in force prohibits sporting events until June 14therefore meeting the needs of Juventus, Milan, Naples and Inter would require one derogation from the Dpcm.

In the meantime, however, there is already one certainty: that of don’t see extra time in the remaining matches scheduled for the Italian Cup. In the event of a tie, in fact, the penalties will be taken after the triple whistle of the 90 ‘minute.

The flattened the road to the A league: the championship will start again with i recoveries of the 25th day spread over two days, on June 20 and 21. To inaugurate everything will be Turin-Parma, with a kick-off at 19:30 on Saturday 20.

At 9:45 pm on the same day it will be held instead Verona-Cagliari, while the next day will be the turn of Inter-Sampdoria (19:30) e Atalanta-Sassuolo (21:45). On the 22nd, on Monday, the eighth return day will start.

The idea is that during the weekdays the maximum number of games to be played will remain of two, which could rise to three on Saturdays and Sundays (with the discussed slot of the 17:15).

The hypothesis of having to organize gods still remains alive playoffs: The Federal Council will discuss this at a meeting scheduled forJune 8 next.

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