Serie A 2020-2021, FIGC proposal: 19-day Regular Season, then Play-off / out in 2 groups of 10 teams


The FIGC would already be working for the 2020-2021 season of Serie A and, to try not to jeopardize the timing in view of the European Championships and, above all, after the forced stop of the Coronavirus emergency, it would have proposed to the Serie A League a format on the model of the Major League Soccer of the United States of America: there would be a 19-day Regular Season and then two groups of 10 teams, the first 10 who would play the Play-offs for the assignment of the title and Champions League and Europa League qualifiers, and the remaining 10 teams to decide who will relegate

There is great expectation for the decision of Government Thursday, May 28, when there will be a meeting with FIGC, League Serie A, FMSI, AIC is AIA to make the final decision on the resumption, and in the case the date of return to the field, of the A league.

In the meantime, however, the Football Association is working hard already for the next season which, due to force majeure, unfortunately will slip by a month or maybe even two, due to the March stop, until mid-June probably, of the 2019-2020 season, due to the health emergency due to the spread and the danger of contagion to the Coronavirus, per century COVID-19.

In fact, almost certainly the Serie A 2020-2021 will begin in the middle, if not even in late October, precisely in the football season that will lead to Euro2020, Tokyo 2020 Olympics is Copa America 2020, all postponed for a year due to the impossibility of carrying out the previous real dates of June-August of this calendar year.

The FIGC, however, would be thinking of changing the format of the Serie A for the next season, with a calendar that would foresee a championship divided into two phases, on the model of the Major League Soccer from United States of America.

In fact, the first stage would involve some sort of Regular Season, a regular season with only 19 championship days, at the end of which, taking into consideration the ranking, it would be divided into two groups of ten teams.

Thus, the top ten teams would play i Playoffs, always on a dry basis, to decide on the assignment of the Scudetto, the placings that qualify for subsequent editions of Champions League is Europa League.

While the remaining ten remaining teams of the second group would dispute the Play-Out to decide the three teams destined for relegation to B series, which would in turn be reorganized to conform to the new format.


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