Serena Mollicone’s father died, the girl killed in Arce 19 years ago


Serena’s father will not witness the epilogue of the new investigations into the murder of his daughter which took place, on a strange joke of fate, on June 1, 2001. Exactly 19 years ago Serena left the house to never go back. Five people are being investigated for that crime.

Covid-19 slowed the process – The decision by the prosecutor on the trial against Marshal Franco Mottola, former commander of the Carabinieri station of Arce, his wife Anna Maria, his son Marco, the marshal Vincenzo Quatrale and the pinned Francesco was expected for the month of March Suprano. Mottola, his family members and Quatrale are accused of murder competition. For Quatrale, the instigation to commit suicide of the sergeant Santino Tuzi is also hypothesized, while the defendant Francesco Suprano must respond favorably.

Pushed against a door in the barracks and killed – According to the Prosecutor of Cassino, the student died after being pushed against a door inside the police station of Arce, perhaps after a quarrel with Mottola’s son, Marco. The reconstruction of the crime outlined by the medico-legal report indicated a compatibility between the breakthrough of the door of the accommodation of the Arce police station and the head fracture reported by the 18 year old. The “compatibility between the micro-fragments found on the adhesive tape that wrapped the victim’s head and the wood of the door, as well as with the lid of a barracks boiler” was also ascertained, “explained Cassino’s procurator, Luciano d’Emmanuele.

The body brought to the woods after death – The turning point in the investigations was the Ris’s report which revealed how Serena’s body, now lifeless, was moved to the Anitrella grove where it was later found with hands and feet tied by adhesive tape and a plastic bag on her head. During the new investigations, the investigators listened to 118 texts, many of which were chosen from among the 1,137 repeatedly heard in the eighteen years of searching for the truth for the crime of Arce. The legal case of the 18-year-old’s murder was long, tortuous and marked by disturbing episodes. Two years after the crime he was arrested on charges of murder and concealment of Carmine Belli’s corpse, a coachbuilder who was later acquitted in 2006 of any accusation by the Cassation. To add mystery also the suicide of the carabiniere Santino Tuzi who in 2008, before being heard by the magistrates, killed himself by shooting himself in his car.

A case that remains shrouded in mystery, a murder that could have been triggered by a terrible motive: perhaps Serena the day she died had gone to the police station to report some trafficking, possibly related to drugs. Then the quarrel and then the tragedy.

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