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Sunday In will air until June 28, and the last episode could be a big pin for Stefano Bonaccini. To confirm the extension in programming was the same Mara Venier live, although aching from a very bad domestic fall before the episode that forced her to go in front of the cameras with a fractured foot.

The indiscretion of TvBlogHowever, it is telluric and goes well beyond the schedule issue: for the last episode of the Raiuno show, the authors would be trying to organize a direct from Rimini, “after some conversations that Bonaccini had with Venier”. The governor ofEmilia Romagna, more and more leaders in pectore of the Pd national, could thus collect a not indifferent return of image guaranteeing a media flywheel to tourism of the Romagna Riviera that came out with broken bones from the emergency coronavirus. The idea, explains the background “will not be easy to achieve”.

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