Senate ok school decree: extraordinary competition, school rankings, stop primary vote, state exams. All the news


Approved in the Senate Chamber, with 148 yes, 87 no, the DL School n. 22/2020, which governs the state exams of the first and second cycle, the final assessment of students for the 2019/20 school year, changes to the extraordinary secondary competition for the role and numerous innovations are introduced for the school.

Extraordinary competition: written test with open-ended questions

Modification of the written test of the extraordinary secondary competition for the role of decree n. 510 of April 23, 2020.

Second and third tier institute rankings will become provincial, will be reopened and updated.

TFA support: no pre-selection for teachers with three years of specific support service

Teacher card bonus € 300 to precarious teachers with a contract at least June 30, 2020. Initially approved, rejected by the Budget Commission. Therefore not there is extension to precarious workers.

Establishment of a table to periodically start the enabling courses.

Primary school: back to grades Read more

Election extension of the CSPI until 31 August 2020.

Equal kindergartens: temporary assignments to educators.

School construction: agile tools in municipalities, provinces and metropolitan cities for rapid interventions in view of the reopening ”

Start of school year operations: the deadline for completing the role entry, utilization and provisional assignments has been postponed to 20 September 2020.

Re-enrollment of disabled pupils to the school year upon motivated request from families

Limited to the school year 2019-2020, the school can evaluate the opportunity to allow the re-enrollment of the pupil with disabilities to the same year of course attended in the school year. 2019-2020, based on the request of the family, acquired the opinion of the working group for inclusion at school level.

Maturity: protection of private individuals

For private candidates to the final state exam of the second cycle of education who will take the exam in the extraordinary session of September, they are expected to participate in the admission tests to the limited number degree courses as well as to other tests provided by universities, institutions high artistic, musical and choreutic training and other post-diploma higher education institutions, public competition procedures, selections and qualification procedures, however named, for which a secondary school diploma is required, subject to passing the state exam for the second cycle of education.

Quick call for primary school and kindergarten the additional band will be placed after the 2018 extraordinary competition

State exams of secondary school

It will be simplified, we will proceed with the final evaluation by the class council, providing for the delivery of a paper by the students.

Secondary school

Only the oral interview is scheduled. There remains the need to reach at least the score of 60/100 to obtain the diploma. All students will have the opportunity to participate in the exams

Admission to the following year

The decree provides that everyone can be admitted to the following year, but all will be evaluated, during the final ballots, according to the real commitment. There will be no second grade secondary debt mechanism. At the beginning of September, in fact, instead of the usual courses of recovery of insufficiencies, it will be possible, for all education cycles, from primary to fourth grade of the second grade, to recover and integrate learning: what has not been learned, or partially learned this year, it can be retrieved / deepened at the beginning of the next. There will be particular attention to children with disabilities and those with special educational needs.

Start of the new year

The decree allows you to work immediately on the new school year too, giving the Ministry the tools to operate quickly and to connect, for example, with the Regions to standardize the timetable for starting lessons.

No specific support competition: the amendment does not have adequate financial coverage. It will be proposed again in the relaunch decree.

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