SEGA: revolutionary announcement coming soon, it will amaze as much as PS5


While we are waiting for an upcoming presentation entirely dedicated to PlayStation 5, it would seem that another well-known Japanese company is about to make an announcement that could rival the new Sony console in importance. We are talking about SEGA which, according to the recent words of the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, in the next issue of Famitsu will be star of a scoop as powerful as the possible PS5 reval.

Nishikawa did not want to go into further details, at least for the moment, simply giving readers an appointment on the new issue of Famitsu to be released on June 4th. According to the few things said by the journalist, however, this SEGA branded novelty will be something as unexpected as it is exciting; something that will be able to move fans and industry like the publication of the architecture of PlayStation 5 on Wired that took place a few months ago.

All the Japanese reporter could say at the moment was: “I got to make a big scoop. In the next issue of Famitsu there will be a world preview article, an exclusive. The news comes from a gaming company that we all love. On Wired we talked about PS5 exclusively, let’s say mine will be a scoop of the same level. It will be a real revolution. ”

Nishikawa only mentioned later that it will be SEGA, but wanting to emphasize that there will be no Dreamcast 2 on the Famitsu pages to be released on June 4th. So what will it be about? That this scoop can still reveal the return of SEGA in the hardware with a new console? Let us know what you expect to find in the next issue of Famitsu.

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