Second and third grade school rankings, twenty schools will be chosen for “short” substitutions


School rankings: we move towards the updating and reopening of the II and III band, valid for the school years 2020/21 and 2021/22.

The institute rankings will be transformed into provincials

The transition will take place with an order from the Minister. The order will be sent to the CSPI, which will have 7 days for the prescribed non-binding opinion

The text will also be examined by the Court of Auditors, which will express its opinion within a few days, compared to the thirty canons.

N.B. the process can be started after the final approval of the School Decree, expected by June 7th.

What does provincial school rankings mean?

The transformation of the institute rankings into provincial rankings had been laid down in article 1-quater of decree 126/2019, which amends law no. 124/1999, providing:

  • the establishment of specific provincial rankings distinguished by place and class of competition;
  • the constitution of a specific provincial ranking for subjects in possession of the specialization title on support

The places on 30 June and 31 August will be assigned after the School Offices have called the exhaustion ranking teachers.

For the places on June 30 and August 31 in the application, the teacher chooses the entire province

Twenty schools for short and occasional substitutes

Teachers will be able to choose, in the same province of insertion, up to 20 schools to cover short and occasional substitutes.

These are those substitutes that are used to replace teachers in illness, pregnancy, short leave, that is, contingent situations that cannot be foreseen at the beginning of the school year.

The temporary substitute contract can have a maximum duration up to the last day of class (usually different date in each region).

Temporary substitutes will be assigned by the School Executives, who will scroll through the available lists.

It is not possible to predict a priori in which schools there will be these substitutes, as they are determined by circumstances not foreseeable a priori, such as for example. the illness.

Therefore often, especially in large provinces, schools are chosen that are easier to reach, or in any case they are chosen on the basis of personal assessments.

N.B. There are max 20 schools regardless of the number of competition classes for which you are enrolled in the second and / or third bracket.

Those who are enrolled in multiple competition classes still have a maximum of twenty choices available, just like those who enroll for only one competition class.

However, it should be noted that when you choose a school, you participate for all your competition classes present in that school.

In addition, it is also possible to choose schools in which your class is not present (for the purpose of substitutes on untitled support).

Access qualifications for second and third tiers

The qualification for access to the second level is the teaching qualification for the required competition class.

The qualification for access to the third band is a degree (with any ECTS required for access to the competition class + 24 ECTS in psycho-pedagogical disciplines and teaching methods referred to in Ministerial Decree 616/2017). for ITPs see Institute rankings, ordinary competition, TFA support: ITPs must have 24 ECTS?

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