“Scudetto, Inter have chances. Tonali? He must have experience in a team that makes the Cups”


The European 2021 and beyond. Guest of Radio Deejay, Roberto Mancini, national team coach, begins the chat with Zazzaroni and Caressa talking about the impact that the postponement of the continental review can have on the blue group: “The structure will not be changed, we will certainly be able to improve by having several young players in the squad. Of course, it would have been better to play it now because we came from an important streak of victories and we had gained some credibility. ”

There is a lot of talk about Tonali as the most promising young man in Italian football, what do you think?

“Tonali is one of the youngest, so when he goes to a team that makes the Cups he will have more experience. He lacks everything at that level there, of course he can only improve by going into a big one. Role? He can play in all the roles of the midfield at three, he has no major problems doing the two phases: he attacks well and knows how to set the action. He is versatile ”

Were you stronger than Totti?

“We were quite similar as players, I always liked him because he looked like me. Italy has had many champions over the years in that role”.

The favorites to the recovery.

“Lazio and Juve will play for the Scudetto. But seeing the Bundes, having skipped the field factor, I think that Inter can also have possibilities: there may be some surprises. The Bianconeri still have an advantage”.

A message for Balotelli.

“What should I say? I hope he’s back to training (laughs).”

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