Screams, outbursts, growth and market: Inter, a year of Conte. Now the final rush to win First page


An emotional clip along the streets of Milan, an announcement at dawn and a clear phrase: “Antonio Conte’s challenge is the same as that of the whole Nerazzurri world: to continue running, to bring Inter back to the elite of European football” . So, exactly one year ago, the Nerazzurri presented Antonio Conte. It was May 31, 2019. Water has passed under the bridges: everything begins in the retreat of Lugano, armored. Conte immediately shows his DNA as a sergeant, making his boys run. Market comparisons start with Marotta and Ausilio, some members of the squad (such as Icardi and Nainggolan) are put aside by society as well as by the technician without words. Others, such as Perisic, will be clearly labeled during the Asian tour: “He can’t play where I want”.JOY, PAIN AND RELIEF – Then there is the other market, that of purchases. After the hits Sensi and Barella, Conte dreams of a big number 9. He immediately insists on his ball Romelu Lukaku, already trained at the time of Chelsea. The Belgian finally arrives on the planet Inter in early August and a month later he is already the hero of Milan, thanks to the goal that closes the derby against Milan. Meanwhile, in the meantime, here is the adventure in the Champions League: above all Inter’s growth passes. The 3-2 comeback in Dortmund is the emblem of a team under construction and at the end of the match the technician bursts into a press conference: “Some manager came to speak! I hope that these games make some people understand them“Yes, the message comes loud and clear. If Inter are to surrender to Barcelona in the Champions League, the long-awaited reinforcements are coming on the market. Conte has long dreamed of Vidal, but Marotta extracts the Eriksen cylinder from the rabbit.

ON THE HORIZON… – The Nerazzurri return to racing in the championship: a group later is still Lukaku to close a heart-pounding derby. Poker to AC Milan in comeback, hook to Juve (fall the day before in Verona) and first place by virtue of the goal difference. The last month of the field instead of a continuous ups and downs: Inter easily overcome the Ludogorets obstacle in the Europa League, but falls in the two delicate trips against Lazio and Juve. Then, stop it. Conte hasn’t stopped following his players, training them even from a distance, and now he’s back to screaming and directing from the field. On the horizon there is the semi-final of the Italian Cup against Napoli, in addition to the journey in Europe and a championship dream not yet set despite the distance with the bianconeri. It is only the beginning of the long adventure marked Conte. It has already lasted a year but is waiting to be ignited definitively. Possibly with a trophy.

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