Scorn is an exclusive Xbox Series X console for a very specific reason


Present among the titles shown recently on the occasion of the last appointment with the “Inside Xbox” section, Scorn is a survival horror inspired by the works of H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński and was originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017.

The title will be released exclusively for Xbox Series X in the console launch window and several people asked themselves the reasons that led to prefer the new generation console from Microsoft over Playstation 5 of Sony.

In a recent interview with Gaming Bolt colleagues, Ljubomir Peklar of Ebb Software, director of the game, said that Xbox Series X was chosen because its hardware allows to ensure the same quality as the Windows PC edition.

It’s very simple. It is important for us to ensure that the game performs well. Xbox Series X is equipped with a very powerful hardware that allows us to make a version equal to that of PC. At the moment we cannot speak of any information regarding the Playstation platform.»

Peklar also confirmed that the title will shoot at 60 fps in 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X.

Scorn it is described as a first person adventure horror game in which we will be able to explore a non-linear dream-like world, in which each location will include its own story, puzzles and characters. Even the setting is considered to be a character in its own right.

For more information about the product, we recommend you consult our dedicated data sheet.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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