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After days of fibrillation, in the majority there is the agreement on the ‘concorsone’ for the precarious workers of the school. The summary amendment, on which the agreement was reached in the Education Committee in the Senate, provides that the selection of teaching staff with three years of service will take place with a written test with open-ended questions – no crosses – following which the suitable teachers will be included in a merit ranking, which will take into account the cultural and service qualifications. There are no precise dates: the tests will take place after the summer, with the consequent placing on the role of the first winners starting from September 1, 2021.

“For 2020/21, the teachers will therefore be hired on a fixed-term contract based on the provincial rankings which will be reopened and contextually updated as per the amendment approved yesterday in the commission – explains the M5S – The winners of the competition hired in September 2021 will be the legal backdating of the appointment in September 2020 is guaranteed. We are talking about 32,000 teachers in total who will be regularly recruited indefinitely after a real competition test suitable to guarantee their merit. “Another novelty concerns elementary school: from the next school year the final evaluation it will no longer be expressed with numerical votes but with a judgment, as happened in the past. In the meantime, Minister Lucia Azzolina ends up under escort, after having undergone threats and even sexist insults. “It is truly a defeat for our country to find that it has come so far, in an atmosphere of unacceptable tension around the school topic, “says the M5s.” There is a the risk of exasperation and social tension that can result in the country – observes the foreign minister, Luigi Di maio – mine is an appeal to all political forces: people do not want controversy, but facts “.

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