School, the Expert Committee Report: “45-minute lessons and from childhood to middle school, everyone will return to class”


ROME – It is becoming increasingly clear how the 8.3 million students of Italian schools will return to class in September. Today the Committee of Experts for the reopening of the schools chaired by Professor Patrizio Bianchi has closed the job and is ready to deliver to the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina the Report which contains the indications for the restart. The most important novelty is the possibility of reducing the lesson time to 45 minutes: the redefinition of the time unit will guarantee school time for all students, will allow them to enter in a staggered manner throughout the day and not all at eight.There task force insists, as already written by Republic, to use not only classrooms for lessons but also parks and gardens, the speakers secured with the necessary precautions, the structures of the municipalities. Furthermore, schools can make agreements for projects with local authorities to integrate teaching: more music more sport more cinema and theater and more art.
It then leverages on the autonomy pushed by the schools – in the different territories different solutions will be possible – with agreements with local authorities, with the means of transport and the use of the third sector in order to guarantee more physical school time especially for children of the first cycle.As Amanda Ferrario, a school manager who is part of the re-opening committee in September, clarified, she will return to the classroom for preschool, elementary and middle school. “We do not want to go back to September with a distance education or a mixed education, the children of these three cycles must be able to be in a social context,” he said. The situation in high school is different: “Here the children are older and therefore the possibility of interspersing a school time in the presence and a time at a distance school is possible. For high school distance teaching – according to the suggestions provided by the group of work chaired by Bianchi – there will still be, at least in the first part of the year in which the distancing measures in environments that are ancient or small do not lend themselves to being able to accommodate all the students.

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