School, support of Di Maio to Azzolina. Garnet: year end suspended for teachers who want the role without public competition


Official support from Foreign Minister Di Maio to fellow Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina arrives.
Di Maio thus writes on Facebook

“Busy day. First in the Chamber of Deputies, now Council of Ministers.
There are some issues still open, but I am sure they will resolve quickly because citizens cannot wait.
I think it is necessary to intervene during the conversion in Parliament of the relaunch dl to correct the rule on funds for municipalities affected by the covid. Instead of limiting it to the municipalities of 5 provinces, funds must be extended to all the municipalities of Italy that became a red zone during this pandemic.
Then there is the school chapter. There is a decree to be approved to secure the school year and the State Exams. There are also 80,000 teachers to hire. In short, there is no time to waste. All my support for Minister Azzolina for the task she is carrying out in this difficult phase.
We continue to work tirelessly, with commitment, humility and responsibility. ”

These are hours and days of excitement for the school: on the one hand, the end of the school year, with the reflections it brings, starting from the evaluation. This chapter is particularly delicate and complex this year.

On the other, the restart, the dates, the possible scenarios, technology, school construction, safety. Three months for a school revolution.

And yet, the 80,000 teachers to hire. The number refers to the competitions already announced on April 28th. Of these, three (secondary ordinary, ordinary childhood and primary, qualifying procedure) will be on stand-by for the summer and the tests will take place – if possible – in the autumn.

But interest is concentrated on hiring teachers with at least 36 months of service. The law provides for a competition with a single written test, unions and some majority and opposition forces point to a different procedure, without selection at the entrance but with a ranking made up of qualifications and service.

Today a meeting is scheduled between majority group leaders, Minister Azzolina and perhaps the Prime Minister will also be present.

In support of Sen. Granato writes “The end of the school year is suspended for teachers who want to take the role without public competition!”

The M5S has already presented its proposal for mediation: postponement of the selective test only if the epidemiological conditions make it necessary.

A solution that does not convince the other political forces that make it not only a matter of medical emergency, but of enhancing the staff hired for a fixed term at least for three school years and who have already performed all the functions of the teaching profession.

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