School, Pd and Five Stars agree on the extraordinary competition


ROME – There is an understanding in the majority on changes to the school decree. The Pd, not all, eventually accepted Conte mediation and will vote together with the Five Stars on an amendment to the Senate, in the Education Committee, which follows the indications of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, on the next extraordinary competition. The text provides that 32,000 temporary workers with three years of profession behind them will go to the chair, from 1 September, for a fixed term. They will be chosen on the basis of seniority and qualifications from the school rankings. At the end of summer – in the text it is written “during the school year 2020-’21”, and it could already be next September – there will be a written selection test. So, after one year, a facilitated interview will allow the hiring of alternates in September 2021 with backdating of the one-year contractIn the text of the amendment, proof is envisaged, an elaborate note, with open-ended questions. It will be passed with a mark of seven tenths. With respect to the first formulation rejected by Pd and LeU, the clarification of the number of applications disappears. In addition to didactic, methodical and teaching knowledge, English knowledge will be needed.
The Verducci amendment (vice-president of the Education Commission, Pd) that led to the clash with the minister remained standing Lucia Azzolina and was accompanied by three sub-amendments requesting the immediate hiring of temporary workers, the restoration of a qualifying path for non-winners of the competition and a series of softening indications for the written test. The Democratic Party has not followed Francesco Verducci and accepted the premier’s indication – who had already rejected the position held by the minister for a long time (no cross competition in August) – not to split the government over the school. Matteo Orfini, he deputy of the Democratic Party, asked the group leader Andrea Marcucci not to vote on the agreement. Leu, however, has aligned itself with the choice of government. In order to avoid surprises, the government itself is committed to putting trust in the entire school decree.The 2.16 million euros needed for hiring will be subtracted from the Fund for the improvement of school education.

“After intense work in the Education Committee, we have translated into an amendment the agreement on the competition for school temporary workers reached between the majority forces with the mediation of President Conte,” he said Bianca Laura Granato, group leader M5s in committee. “We have guaranteed one point above all: the selection of the teaching staff with three years of service will take place through a competition which involves passing a regular written test following which the teachers who have obtained suitable results will be included in a merit ranking from which the recruitment thanks also to the enhancement of cultural and service titles. We foiled an amnesty “.

The provincial rankings will be reopened and updated according to the amendment approved in the commission. The legal backdating of the appointment in September 2020 will be guaranteed to the 32,000 winners of the competition hired in September 2021.

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