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From the next school year the final evaluation of the pupils in the elementary school it will no longer be expressed with numerical marks but with a judgment. This requires an amendment tabled by Senators Verducci, Iori and Rampi and approved by the Culture and Education Commission.

“The amendment stipulates that children cannot be considered numbers in primary school. Giving a 4 can be a heavy boulder to understand while a more comprehensive assessment takes into consideration the characteristics of the child. Obviously the appropriate words must be found and the evaluation must be made in terms of synthetic judgment, “explains Senator Vanna Iori to ANSA.” The judgment takes into account the specificity and individuality of each individual child – he adds – while the numerical vote levels and it makes everyone equal, even if there are several reasons behind that vote. ”

Understanding in the majority on changes to the school decree. The amendment was presented signed by the rapporteur to the decree, who will be put to the vote in the Senate committee this morning and which summarizes theagreement on the extraordinary competition for temporary workers. The competition with the written test will be held during the school year 2020-2021 – reads the text – and provides open-ended questions. With respect to the first formulation rejected by Pd and LeU, the clarification of the number of questions disappears.

“It is not 100% satisfactory but it is a step forward”, says Senator of LeU Loredana De Petris confirming the yes to the amendment on the competition for precarious workers of the school presented in committee at Palazzo Madama, and on which there is therefore an agreement within the majority, and which will be put to the grades in the morning. The agreement, however, does not convince Francesco Verducci (PD) who presented 3 sub-amendments because, he explains, “the rule does not ensure the taste for the stabilization of precarious workers”.

There was no second thought. The amendment of the rapporteur in the Senate Culture Committee on the extraordinary competition confirms that the government has no intention of taking into account the epidemiological emergency, which would advise to focus on strengthening and stabilizing the teaching staff. If it finds confirmation – as it seems – the reverse of Pd and Leu, flattened again on the positions of the 5 Stars, the next school year will start with zero permanent hires; indeed, 30 thousand more precarious workers following retirements, which will bring the total number of alternates to 200 thousand. The opposite of the commitment on our solicitation made in recent weeks – in words – by exponents of almost all the political forces to guarantee all the teachers in the chair next September, to deal with the pandemic crisis with due efficacy, starting from the need to split the classes to allow distances. It makes me angry to think that the solution would be there and it is in our proposal for recruitment from rankings, already used for the Gae “, declares Senator Mario Pittoni, president of the Culture Commission at Palazzo Madama and Head of Education for the League.


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