School decree: the school rankings disappear, the provincial ones arrive. What to do to be included


By June 7, the school decree will be approved (Legislative Decree no. 22/2020 Urgent measures on the regular conclusion and orderly start of the school year and on the conduct of state exams) which also provides the updating of the institute rankings and their transformation into provincial lists.

This novelty, provided for by art 1-quater of decree 126/2019, which amends law no. 129/94, provides for the establishment of specific provincial lists distinct for places and classes of competition, for common and support places. The new system foresees that the aspirants present in the provincial ranking choose 20 schools from the same province, from which they will be called to cover any short-term substitutions.
In addition, the provincial ranking list will be used for the allocation of substitutes at 30 June and 31 August, subject to the exhaustion rankings, i.e. in the event that the GaE are exhausted due to lack of candidates.
The update will concern the rankings of II and III bracket and the novelty will consist in the possibility of making the change of province for those who were already included in it from 2017. New entries will also be allowed, both in II and III bracket. For all, the updating / insertion procedure will be telematic to be carried out through the Polis system.

The renewed school rankings will be valid for two yearsthis time, and not for three years as on the occasion of previous updates, this is to allow the alignment of all 3 bands of the IM.

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GIs are divided into three bands. They are constituted, in each educational institution, in relation to the teachings actually imparted, for each teaching place, common and support, class of competition or place of educational staff, pursuant to articles, 5 and 6 of the decree of the Minister of Public education June 13, 2007 n. 131, known as the Substitute Regulations.

The first band: includes teachers enrolled in the I, II or III band of the rankings upon exhaustion;
the second band: includes teachers who are qualified but not enrolled in the rankings upon exhaustion;
the third band: includes teachers of I and II secondary school not qualified, in possession of the qualification valid for access to teaching.

The head teacher draws from the school rankings for

  1. annual and temporary substitutes until the end of the teaching activities for places that it has not been possible to cover with the staff included in the rankings upon exhaustion;
  2. temporary substitutes for the replacement of temporarily absent staff
  3. substitutes for the coverage of places that became available after December 31st.

The qualifications for access to the I and II rankings are constituted by the possession of the qualification to teach, with the difference that teachers already included in the GaE are included in I rank.

The qualification for teaching in kindergarten and primary school is achieved with a master’s degree in primary education sciences. This degree is obtained at the end of a five-year single-cycle master’s course, including an internship.
The qualification also includes the Master’s Degree or the Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical High School Diploma or the Experimental Diploma with a linguistic orientation. by the 2001-2002 school year.

ITPs deserve a special mention, they need the diploma + 24 CFU referred to in Ministerial Decree no. 616/2017, a requirement not provided for in the previous legislation, which associates the 24 CFUs with the short degree, not the diploma and, moreover, in contrast with the discipline that regulates access to the ordinary competition, which for ITPs provides for access to the ordinary secondary competition only with the diploma title, as established by art. 22 of Legislative Decree no. 59/2017, A regulatory mess that opens the way to a safe litigation.

For inclusion in the third bracket, on the other hand, possession of only the qualification, degree or diploma is required, to which, for new enrollments in 2020, the 24 ECTS in pedagogical disciplines and teaching methods must be added as required by Ministerial Decree 616 / 2017 by DM 126/19.

To see the correspondence between the educational qualification held and the class of competition, the teachers of the secondary school of 1st and 2nd grade must refer to the Presidential Decree 19/2016 “Regulation containing provisions for the rationalization and consolidation of the classes of competition to professorships and teaching posts, pursuant to art. 64, c.4, letter a), of Legislative Decree 112/08 converted, with amendments, by Law 6/8/08 n. 133 “.

The aspirants of the 1st bracket are included according to the graduation deriving from the automatic transposition of the order of rank, score and precedence with which they appear in the corresponding ranking upon exhaustion and fill in the form B of choice of educational institutions attached to the periodical D.M. of updating of the GI. Similarly, the qualified candidates included in the II bracket are graded according to the evaluation table of qualifications used for the exhaustion rankings of III bracket. The applicants included in the third band are graded according to the qualification evaluation table, (Attachment A). annexed to the Ministerial Decree. 13/6/2007, “Substitute regulations “. For the evaluation of the artistic titles of teachers of musical instruments (cl. 77 / A), special Commissions are set up chaired by the Head of the Provincial School Office or by his delegate. Applications will no longer be handled by a school leader but directly by the A.T.

Second-level teachers, who during the three-year period entered the additional lists arranged in implementation of art. 1, paragraph l, of the Ministerial Decree June 3, 2015 n. 326, for having obtained the qualification title after the deadline for the submission of the application for inclusion in the rankings of the three-year period of reference, will be graded according to the order of points attributed, regardless of the additional placement window of the previous three-year period.

The support lists of educational institutions are set up in accordance with the specific provisions of art.6 of the Regulation, with the exception of the provisions relating to the formation of second and third bracket support lists in secondary schools, in accordance with art. . 15, paragraphs 3-bis and 3-ter of the Law Decree n. 104/2013 converted with modifications by Law 8 November 2013, n. 128, which are constituted in a single list, without any subdivision into disciplinary areas.

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