School decree, in the majority it is wall against wall on competitions: Conte media


In the meeting, which has been described at times tense, the two sides would crystallize: M5s and Italia Viva on one side, Pd and LeU on the other. At the center of the “dispute” is the extraordinary competition, for about 25 thousand places, for temporary workers who have been teaching for more than three years.

On the one hand Pd and LeU fight for a competition for only titles, also given theCovid emergency and the possible difficulty in carrying out the competitions, on the other M5s with the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, and Italia Viva want the tests to be carried out as had been foreseen, except for soaring contagions.

“For the Democratic Party the competition with the tests it remains very difficult to predict “, dem sources say tonight. M5s sources instead reiterate the no to the rankings for titles. But an agreement, they say, is possible through a competition that guarantees merit.

“There are too many distorted chatter – commented Maddalena Gissi, leader of the CISL school – we want to reward the merit of those who for years have enabled us to open schools, the merit of those who teach in many cases in schools that have the best results “.

Cgil, Uil and Snals have already said they are ready for mobilization and to proclaim the end of the union truce if the title competition is not reached. Times are getting tighter: the school decree, at the Senate exam, must pass the Chamber exam at the end of the month and be definitively launched by June 7th.

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