School, Conte convenes majority summit in the evening


A majority summit to decide on the extraordinary competition for teachers. After the recent approval of the Bellanova proposal on the granting of a residence permit to irregular laborers, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is now facing another difficult mediation between the majority parties.
The theme at the center of the debate is, in this case, the school and, in particular, the extraordinary competition for 25 thousand teachers, on which 5 star movement is Pd they have conflicting positions. For this reason, the Prime Minister has convened, for 11 pm today, a majority summit in Palazzo Chigi.The Democratic Party e Leu in fact, they would like the competition for open-ended contracts to be postponed to the end of the school year, in 2021. The request to Prime Minister Conte is, rather, that in the meantime the new year should be started using precarious teachers and fixed-term contracts .

“The primary objective is to guarantee an orderly start to the school year. This is why you don’t need a competition with ‘crosses’ tests to do in August, but you just have to resort to the precarious heritage. The competition can be confirmed at the end of the next school year “, underlines the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Andrea Marcucci.But the Five stars distance themselves from the hypothesis of the dem and the group leader of Movimetno in the Committee on the Chamber, Gianluca Vacca, replies: “We have never had doubts about the need to hire precarious teachers after a selective test, besides obviously taking into account the qualifications and experience in the field. It must be done – he continues – because it affects the quality of the school Italian: a minimum of selection is needed to ensure a dignified teaching to students and it is time to put a firm stop to this story and allow teachers to prepare for the selective test in the utmost serenity, so that they can take on many already in September and start the new school year on the right foot “.

And the group leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Education Commission, Bianca Laura Granato, stresses that the “postponement of the competition would be yet another damage to the Italian teaching class. The grillini would therefore be willing to implement the proposal of the Democratic Party” only if a postponement becomes necessary for the health emergency linked to the coronavirus “.
It will be up to Conte tonight to get the different majority parties to a meeting point.

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