Schedule Serie A, is played every day: hypothesis last game at 10pm!


After staying at fasting for over 3 months, Italian fans will have no reason to complain. What is ahead of them, in fact, is a real “big” binge “. And not only because the 127 races that are missing to complete the championship will be stuck in a month and a half. But also because from June 20 to the August 2, at least one game will be played every day, therefore also on Monday (the first occasion will be June 22) or on Friday. In fact, this is the project of the League once the A league. It is not said that you can always cover the whole week: the gaps, by necessity, will not be missing. In any case, however, the calendar will be compiled with this criterion. In this way, not only the viewers will be able to watch all the games they want, limiting the occasions when they have to choose between one challenge rather than another, but the televisions will also be satisfied. In fact, broadcasters will be guaranteed at least three first evenings for each championship day. Furthermore, by using more windows, there will be fewer races at the same time and therefore more exclusive, with discounts for advertising. It is unlikely that this solution will make a decisive contribution to mending relations between Sky and the League, at the moment actually very tense as we explain on this page, but it means that there is still the idea of ​​maximizing the value of the product, even in a situation of clear emergency.

The League threatens Sky


As for the times, it is obvious that, on the days when there will be only one game, it will be placed in the early evening, therefore at 20:45 or at 21. For the others, however, there may be multiple windows, depending on the number of races scheduled. During the week, there will be a maximum of two, with slots to choose between 19 and 21, or 19.15 and 21.15, or even 19.30 and 21.30. The Saturday and the Sundayinstead, the windows will become three. And, at the moment, it is 17.15, 19.30 and 21.45. The AIC, however, continues to contest the afternoon slot. “We have made a specific request and we hope to have feedback on the matter – Vice President Calcagno reiterated to” Rai “. We already ask athletes subjected to stress and veterans from a long period of inactivity to go to the field every three days, so it is better to avoid the high afternoon temperatures of June and July, I think it is in the system’s interest to keep the athletes from injury danger: the spectacle would also be affected ». It seems that the AIC could be satisfied, veering towards the Spanish model, that is, with the three windows of the weekend at 18, 20 and 22. In the meantime it has already been established that it will never be played in the afternoon Cagliari, Naples is Lecce, while efforts will be made to reduce all daytime races to a maximum of ten.

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Serie A resumption, new controversy for the times

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