Scary stake burns down company “Windows closed”



UPDATE HOURS 7 The extinguishing operations of the fire that broke out yesterday evening at Geo & Tex 2000 in via Giusti in Campolongo sul Brenta are still ongoing, and will continue until all the outbreaks are completely extinguished. The flames, which started externally from a material warehouse, immediately spread to the adjacent internal warehouse connected to the production part. The fire brigade teams arrived immediately from Bassano, followed by Vicenza, Cittadella, Thiene with the volunteers, Padua, Treviso, Verona and Mestre, with 5 fire trucks, 4 tank trucks, a kilolitrica tank, a foam wagon, a autoscala and over 40 operators, assisted by the guard officer and the foreman, started the shutdown operations on several sides of the large structure.

The fire immediately generalized burned the external part and with a violent combustion the internal warehouse, which contained the finished product of non-woven geotextile materials in addition to the raw materials. The staff concentrated the maximum effort on safeguarding the productive part, which was saved after more than 4 hours of intense work, when the stake was limited. A Treviso airport vehicle and an Treviso Aisp Ziegler also took part in the rescue operations, which is crucial for the foam shutdown operations.

The warehouse collapsed on itself. The fire produced high columns of smoke for several hours, the Arpav staff sent by the firefighters sampled the area’s air. The causes of the fire are being examined this morning by the judicial police staff of the fire department.


HOURS 24 Fears about the cloud that developed from the fire. The citizens of Campolongo sul Brenta and surrounding areas have been invited, as a precaution, to keep the windows closed.

HOURS 23 A fire of vast proportions devastated the Geotex plant late in the evening. The stake, which broke out around 10 pm for reasons still under investigation, involved the headquarters in via Giusti 56 in Campolongo sul Brenta. From a first reconstruction, still very fragmentary, the flames would have flared up in the material loading area. The stake, of vast proportions – the smoke was visible even from a distance – immediately frightened passers-by and residents, who stormed 115 calls, already alerted by employees.

Francesca Cavedagna

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