Scams online, the fake Geox website that promises discounts on shoes


May 30, 2020

To the various attempts to defraud consumers and surfers of the web, yet another has been added in the last few hours. If days ago a fake Ikea voucher was running on chat and social networks which, however, had nothing to do with the Swedish company, this time the brand used by scammers to attract the unfortunate is a famous shoe and clothing brand: Geox.

How the scam works

As the State Police reports on its site, the “fraudulent site”, which in the last hours is no longer reachable, used logos and information similar to those published on the company’s official website, with a domain that can be misleading.

Once again, the goal was to induce users to shop online, by entering their credit card data, with the promise of being able to take advantage of strong discounts on products. The same company, however, has put its customers on alert, confirming that it is a completely fake site and an initiative in no way connected to the company.

The decalogue of the police not to fall for it

In the face of this and many other attempts at online scams, the State Police has published a “decalogue” on its portal to avoid avoiding falling into similar web traps.

Here are all the tips to follow:

  • when you buy online do it very carefully and follow the advice of the Postal Police;
  • used full software and browser is updated, by installing on your devices an antivirus updated to the latest version;
  • attention to the price, the lowest is not always a good deal, and be wary of sites that offer items at ridiculously low prices because they could hide a scam;
  • give preference to certified or official sites, always checking for safety certificates such as TRUST and VERIFIED / VeriSign Trusted that allow you to validate the reliability of the site;
  • before completing the purchase check that the site is provided with references such as a VAT number, a landline number, a physical address and further data to contact the company. A site devoid of such data probably does not want to be traceable and may have something to hide. Tax data are easily verifiable on the institutional website of the Revenue Agency;
  • do a search onsite reliability through search engines, forums or on social networks, analyzing comments and feedback from other buyers;
  • for payments used mainly rechargeable credit cards;
  • to complete a purchase transaction are essential little data as card number and expiry date and address for shipping the goods, if a seller asks for further data he probably wants to take personal information (account number, PIN or password) that you do not have to disclose;
  • the presence of the padlock closed at the bottom of the page or “https” in the address bar are further confirmations on the confidentiality of the data entered on the site and the presence of a user protection protocol, that is, the data is encrypted and not shared;
  • do not fall into the phishing or smishing network through which cyber scammers, using counterfeit mails or sms, request to click on a link in order to reach a trap web page similar to the original one, with the aim of stealing your sensitive data.

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