Sardinia, the controversy with Sala is ridiculous. President Solinas must stop doing harm


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I want to say it briefly: the president of the Sardinian regional council, Christian Solinas, stewed. The economic crisis caused by theCoronavirus emergency to precipitate the entire Italian economy, the cloying and out of any current regulation of Governor Solinas was added to give the coup de grace to the tourism sector of our island.

For over two weeks the League-Sardinian Solinas has been around on all national televisions to say that to enter Sardinia from after June 3 it will take the “Health passport”.

How to put an elephant in a glassware shop. A series of statements that have created panic for all types of tourism-related activities. Numerous cancellations and general chaos.

Nobody and especially Solinas knows what the “health passport” really is: every day a new version, lastly the interpretation should be an elusive certificate of negativity.

But that’s not enough. The airport of Olbia, a very important port for northern Sardinia, had been reopened by the Ministry of Transport last week for all journeys allowed for work, needs and health reasons. But the good Solinas has made an effort and has also blocked the reopening of the Olbiese airport without reason.

In short, an absurd chaos that has also seen a plane arriving from Germany to bring two Sardinian students back, find the Olbia airport closed by the Region.

This really happens when people are eager to lead important institutions and institutions protagonism.

But the precedents of Solinas they left no doubt. During the Giunta Cappellacci of two legislatures ago, under the Department of Transport Solinas, the phantom Sardinian fleet that was to serve to connect Sardinia with the continent failed. So we should not be surprised if in such a situation the good Solinas will make tourism in Sardinia completely fail.

As if that weren’t enough a ridiculous controversy and of low parochial profile with the mayor of Milan. Even in this case Sala would have done better not to generalize and keep silent, given his aperitifs on the Navigli in the period of February.

in conclusion a drama. Politicians who should stand still to do no harm.

All with an absurd dilemma for the whole tourism system and for potential tourists. To date, it is still unknown what it takes to enter Sardinia from 3 June next one.

And with a legal awareness. Our Constitution, art. 120, does not allow governors to block and obstruct free access between Regions. The minister remembers it today Francesco Boccia. Sometimes I hear him say something sensible.

But the damage has been done and will not subside. Solinas does not stop and does not clarify. Do you think that hosting them on television are useful for Sardinia? No, it is continuously generating institutional chaos but above all irreversible damage Sardinian tourism for the benefit of other areas which obviously do not put senseless and illegitimate limitations.

This is the general picture in Sardinia. A tourist season that cannot begin and that instead of having the support of those who should govern, struts and creates damage irrecoverable.

Sos, free Sardinia!

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